Our pharmacy team is happy to help you find the supplies to meet your needs.

Diabetic Supplies
We carry blood glucose monitors, blood glucose testing strips, and diabetic supplies, including glucose tablets and control solutions. Glucometer brand names include Elite, Dex, and Accuchek. The Freestyle company also runs excellent discount programs through our pharmacy. Please check with one of our staff members to see if a program is currently available! More information is available from Freestyle Products.
Ostomy Supplies
We carry a wide variety of ostomy supplies that our trained pharmacy staff can assist you with to cover all of your needs. Today's pouches, made from odor-barrier material, are lightweight and have a low profile under clothing. They come in one-piece and many two-piece systems, designed to give you the fit you need, as well as the comfort, flexibility and security you deserve. An ostomy pouching system consists of a special adhesive skin barrier and a drainable or closed-end pouch. We have quality brand names like Hollister® and Convatec® ostomy supplies available to choose from to help meet your needs. Custom ordering is also available if needed.