Our Pharmacy: About Us

Located in Bemidji Minnesota, Iverson Corner Drug is a locally owned and operated pharmacy. Our downtown pharmacy dates back to the late 1800’s with ties to the Headwaters Area Region.

After graduating from North Dakota State University with his pharmacy degree, Paul Iverson moved to Bemidji and in 1985 began working at Thomas Drug located at 401 Beltrami Ave. Paul had a vision of a pharmacy centered on patient care. Feeling the entrepreneurship tug, Paul purchased the pharmacy in 1990 and renamed it Iverson Corner Drug.

Iverson Corner Drug

In 1993 the pharmacy was remodeled for the first time adding space for private counseling of patients on their prescriptions and medical concerns. To further solidify the patient care focus, the pharmacy started stocking more medical equipment and medical supplies, while reducing the gifts and cosmetics sales.

In 1994, in response to the needs of a patient in the community to receive IV drug therapy from a local infusion provider, Progressive Health Care was started in the basement of the Iverson Corner Drug pharmacy. Prior to opening Progressive Health Care, patients in northern Minnesota were serviced by the twin cities. Because of distance and weather, care for these patients was often delayed or interrupted. To provide the quality of care needed, another pharmacist was added, along with the pharmacies’ first pharmacy technician.

As both businesses expanded, additional pharmacists were hired. In 1996, Iverson Corner Drug added its first patient care program, developing a program to help people with asthma better manage their disease. Since then other programs have been added, such as smoking cessation, cholesterol and diabetes management. The ability to be able to do lab work on site, measuring cholesterol and hemoglobin A1C, was also added.

In 2007, Progressive Health Care moved to the building next door. In April 2009, Iverson Corner Drug moved to its current location on Minnesota Ave. The new location proved to be ideal. In addition to allowing Iverson Corner Drug to stay downtown and the close proximity to Progressive Health Care, the setting allows us to serve our patients better and has provided better access and parking for patients.

Today, Iverson Corner Drug continues to be a leader in the pharmacy profession. We were one of the first pharmacies in the state to offer a private area for our patients to consult with a pharmacist about their health concerns. We were the first pharmacy in Bemidji to provide vaccinations, CLIA waived labs, and provide patients access to Medication Management services. We continue to support and invest in the future of pharmacy by hosting pharmacy rotations for 4th year pharmacy students and internships for pre-pharmacy students.

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