During each session you will spend approximately 30 minutes to one hour with a registered Pharmacist.

Session I:

  • Education about asthma and medications you take.
  • Answers to your questions.
  • A free Peak Flow Monitor and instructions for its use (a $30 value).
  • Inhaler information and monitoring.
  • Help developing a team approach so that you know where to get the best help and information.

Session II:

  • Create an Individualized Self-care Plan in conjunction with your physician.
  • Review inhaler techniques.
  • Review of your Peak Flow Monitor techniques.
  • Identification of your asthma triggers.
  • A plan to avoid or deal with asthma triggers.
  • Spacer and instructions for use (a $35 value).

Session III (optional):

  • Review inhaler techniques.
  • Review Peak Flow techniques.
  • Review your Individualized Self-care Plan.

Follow-up visits after these three sessions will be arranged as necessary.