Iverson Corner Drug is a rotation site for 4th year pharmacy students from many universities, including the University of Minnesota, North Dakota State University and Creighton University. In your final year of school you can come to Iverson Corner Drug to get hands-on experience before graduating and taking your boards.

Student Opportunities

Iverson Corner Drug will fulfill either a community pharmacy or an ambulatory care rotation experience. We have been hosting students for many years and provide a supportive rotational experience.

Main focus areas for our pharmacy:

  • Medication Therapy Management services
  • Prescription counseling for new medications and prescription changes
    • We have a counseling area that our pharmacists use to ensure patients know about their medications before they leave our pharmacy
    • Our pharmacists always spend time with patients to review new medications
    • Fourth year students on rotation are expected to update and maintain patient charts after each patient consult
  • Providing CLIA-waived products and services
    • Blood pressure
    • Hemoglobin A1C,
    • ALT/AST liver enzymes,
    • Full panel cholesterol screening
    • Blood glucose
    • Vaccines and immunizations
  • Working with the local HomeCare and Hospice Program
    • One of our pharmacists attends weekly Hospice meetings, working in a team approach with doctors and nurses to manage patients chronic pain
    • Fourth year students will attend these meetings and assist in the care of these patients
  • Understanding OTC products and counseling
    • Students have the opportunity to counsel

Because we are a community-based pharmacy, we feel it’s important that our students leave their rotation with us knowing as much as possible about community pharmacy and with an understanding of our mission to provide for our community’s health care needs through compassionate, dignified service, delivered with integrity. Students are expected to be involved in all processes of our pharmacy. It is our hope that students leave our pharmacy confident in their ability to manage the healthcare of their future patients.

Student Support:

Students are provided with computer/internet access, their own workspace and parking. We will also help procure housing arrangements if needed.